Japanese and American Culture “Hofstede”


USA Japan
PDI 40%
Both are democratic  e.g. military
Both are democratic   
IDV 91%
Individually depending on their self
If you complained and say what is in your mind you will get what you need
think of group / they are part of a group
“ The squeaky wheel gets the grease “

In other words “if you want to survive stick your head down and be part of a group”

UAI 46% 

easy going, and it is ok to take a risk


Japan has the highest rates of natural disaster / everything is planed

MAS 46%

E.g. More house husband in other words “a home stay dad” who basically take care of the children.


In one of largest corporations in Japan there are two female board members in a company named “Sony”

LOT 26%

The average a person in the USA has debts


The average person in Japan has a large amount of savings

IND 68%

More likely to indulge

e.g. fast food , and resaving something from the internet the next day


Do not stick out and have more fun “ it should be as a group”


Self restraint in other words “holding yourself back on purpose for the good of the long term or the group”


Cultural studies reading (1)


  1. In Paris people wear suits and ties at their work place
  2. In Japan it is important to build friendship before starting to do businesses, but it is not the same case in America
  3. Gatherings means expensive gifts, but in some other countries it is all about building friendship
  4. In Hong Kong they commit to doing everything on time
  5. In America they write months before days so the women did not realize that because in Europe a day comes first.
  6. In Chinese its bad to wipe the face with a towel

Cultural Differences


  1. Way of living e.g. apartment, electricity
  2. Different Food
  3. Different ways of disposing garbage
  4. According to the group people are not friendly in USA people they talk less with each other, calling police on you when u get to someone’s house, because of the large crime rate in America they will end up calling the FBI on anything suspicious  especially if you are walking with black skin in a white neighborhood e.g. Philadelphia
  5. in Sudan people are willing to help you if you got lost
  6. Filed complain against the boys because they felt threatened as they walk in a group e.g. people think they might be related to gangs

Frog legs


Frog legs are widely spread in Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, and Indonesia as well as the southern regions of the united state. They are rich of vitamin A and potassium. Frog’s texture and taste are similar to chicken and fish flavor.