Robo     guilt – ancient

In this story (squeaky) was an old dusty robot and (Robo top) was the strongest robot, they both went to compete in a race. Robo top was sneaking and destroying everyone’s part before the day of the race, accept squeaky. Although Robo top didn’t fully charge for the race he saw squeaky as an easy target. Robo top was trapping squeaky during the race until one of squeak’s tires were rolled to the finish line and he won.

This story shows that squeaky was an ancient robot even when he was getting trapped in the race track.


Alvis      shame- honor

Alvis was a little boy who loved to eat nothing but soup. His family was ashamed of him, thus they were hiding him from people. But at the end he asked his grandmother what food she likes she said that she also like only soup.

In this story the parents felt ashamed about their child only eating soup, but the grandmother also only eat soup which is the symbol of honor.

Gruffalo and the mouse power – fear

This is a story of a mouse that was taking a walk in the woods and faced several dangerous animals. Each of the snake fox and owl wanted to eat the mouse, but the mouse said that he have friends to eat with, which are hybrid half grizzly and half buffalo. The two walked through to show who is the scariest animal, then all of the animals got scared and the mouse thratned to eat the grufflo but he flees.

This shows the power of the small mouse and the fear of other animals


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