Black girl/Black women stereotypes

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The girl in the story works as a graphic artist; she had experiences where her character was not the type of black person that her clients were looking for. At first the girl didn’t understand, until her clients explicitly said they wanted the Black woman she was drawing to look more “European.”

Which demonstrate the Black girl/Black women stereotypes

Cultural mistakes


Foreigner’s cultural mistakes in UAE

  • Beach clothes are very exposing
  • Some teachers never read emails only after few days
  • When we communicate with some teachers they either look away or be busy and listen at the same time ,which is considered rude  reckless
  • Pointing at people with their foot

Emiratis cultural misunderstanding when they travel

  • Interrupting a meeting and ask to talk for few mints
  • Different ways to say hi can be easily mistaken ( hand shake, cheek kiss, bow)
  • Asking a lot of personal questions
  • Handing money to someone directly , can some time be an indication of bad luck


Robo     guilt – ancient

In this story (squeaky) was an old dusty robot and (Robo top) was the strongest robot, they both went to compete in a race. Robo top was sneaking and destroying everyone’s part before the day of the race, accept squeaky. Although Robo top didn’t fully charge for the race he saw squeaky as an easy target. Robo top was trapping squeaky during the race until one of squeak’s tires were rolled to the finish line and he won.

This story shows that squeaky was an ancient robot even when he was getting trapped in the race track.


Alvis      shame- honor

Alvis was a little boy who loved to eat nothing but soup. His family was ashamed of him, thus they were hiding him from people. But at the end he asked his grandmother what food she likes she said that she also like only soup.

In this story the parents felt ashamed about their child only eating soup, but the grandmother also only eat soup which is the symbol of honor.

Gruffalo and the mouse power – fear

This is a story of a mouse that was taking a walk in the woods and faced several dangerous animals. Each of the snake fox and owl wanted to eat the mouse, but the mouse said that he have friends to eat with, which are hybrid half grizzly and half buffalo. The two walked through to show who is the scariest animal, then all of the animals got scared and the mouse thratned to eat the grufflo but he flees.

This shows the power of the small mouse and the fear of other animals

Hofstede’s six dimensions


Power distance (PDI)

Power distance clearly implies that when everyone is unique so they are all unequal. Powers are defined differently in which how much people’s ideas and behavior can influence others. In the United Arab Emirates power distance reached up to 90, that means less powerful members and organizations are accepting that Society’s power that are authorized by leaders.


Individualism and collectivism (IDV)

According to Conor Neill (2012), Individualism is individuals included into groups, and their ties tend to be loose, in other words, they tend to look after their self. They are usually from an extended families that protect them and it cost nothing in return but absolute loyalty. Individualist tend to live their life as it fits to them, they take their own judgment, an example of that families in the United States of America scored the highest score of 91.

In the collectivist society, people are more likely to look after a group of people that they belong to. They tend to sacrifice a lot of things for the sake of doing good for others in other words they call it “grater good” Craig Bliddle (2012).


Uncertainty avoidance (UAI)

Uncertainty avoidance is how people deal with the future whether they want it knows or not, or should they try to build a different vision of it or just let it happen. In the UAE, the uncertainty score reached up about 80, unlike the United States that scored a lower number of forty six. There is a fair level of accepting in the USA, in which they welcome the idea of change in different verities, for example, technology, business, and food.


Masculinity vs. femininity (MAS)

Feminist is where the community do not appreciate the idea of women taking men’s positions. Whereas masculinity means the distribution of roles within a job or emotional role according to their gender. An example on that, the Emirate pilot that went on a spree to defend her country from those who attacked. In the UAE, they accept the idea of women taking men’s job in order to get the job done, in other words they all have the same value.

Long term orientation vs. short term orientation (LTO)

Long term society tends to deal with things more realistically in their savings, and they accept change. Whereas short-term orientation encourages the past and present, such as, traditions, nationality. The United States scores 26 on the low dimension reflected by:

  • The check whether of not the information is true
  • Business measured performance as short term basis

Indulgence vs. restraint (IND)

In an Indulgence society they allow people to enjoy life and have fun. Restraint based culture more likely to Self restraint.



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Japanese and American Culture “Hofstede”


USA Japan
PDI 40%
Both are democratic  e.g. military
Both are democratic   
IDV 91%
Individually depending on their self
If you complained and say what is in your mind you will get what you need
think of group / they are part of a group
“ The squeaky wheel gets the grease “

In other words “if you want to survive stick your head down and be part of a group”

UAI 46% 

easy going, and it is ok to take a risk


Japan has the highest rates of natural disaster / everything is planed

MAS 46%

E.g. More house husband in other words “a home stay dad” who basically take care of the children.


In one of largest corporations in Japan there are two female board members in a company named “Sony”

LOT 26%

The average a person in the USA has debts


The average person in Japan has a large amount of savings

IND 68%

More likely to indulge

e.g. fast food , and resaving something from the internet the next day


Do not stick out and have more fun “ it should be as a group”


Self restraint in other words “holding yourself back on purpose for the good of the long term or the group”

Cultural studies reading (1)


  1. In Paris people wear suits and ties at their work place
  2. In Japan it is important to build friendship before starting to do businesses, but it is not the same case in America
  3. Gatherings means expensive gifts, but in some other countries it is all about building friendship
  4. In Hong Kong they commit to doing everything on time
  5. In America they write months before days so the women did not realize that because in Europe a day comes first.
  6. In Chinese its bad to wipe the face with a towel

Cultural Differences


  1. Way of living e.g. apartment, electricity
  2. Different Food
  3. Different ways of disposing garbage
  4. According to the group people are not friendly in USA people they talk less with each other, calling police on you when u get to someone’s house, because of the large crime rate in America they will end up calling the FBI on anything suspicious  especially if you are walking with black skin in a white neighborhood e.g. Philadelphia
  5. in Sudan people are willing to help you if you got lost
  6. Filed complain against the boys because they felt threatened as they walk in a group e.g. people think they might be related to gangs

Frog legs


Frog legs are widely spread in Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, and Indonesia as well as the southern regions of the united state. They are rich of vitamin A and potassium. Frog’s texture and taste are similar to chicken and fish flavor.